The Art of Karen

Hello, my name is Karen. I'm just a lonely college student trying to survive in this chaotic world.


you’re as unsatisfying as cold french fries

Late night thoughts

Today I got very close with my rugby teammates. We all shared some pretty intimate stories and I realized we have all been hurt and we are all looking for something similar in life. My team has all types of girls. We have the girls that are constantly hooking up, shy girls, hopeless romantics, and very tough girls. And from our conversation today I realized every single one of us has something in common, we all want to be loved. Most of our stories were about how someone did something to hurt us and because of what that person did we looked bad. We have all been called crazy, mean, desperate, etc. I don’t believe any of this is true. When you listen to each girls story it makes sense why they reacted the way they did. When they heard some of my stories they said, “Karen you are so sweet but you let these guys do whatever they want to you. Why didn’t you leave them?”
I had no clue what to say because I honestly don’t know why I put up with some of the things people have done to me. Honestly, I was the only one that looked bad. I have gone through some horrible things and so have the girls on my team. But I am so proud of all of us because we are still holding our heads up high no matter what we have gone through and what they have said about us. I am also happy because some of the girls have finally found someone or something that makes them happy.
Tonight I realized that I found someone very special. I found someone who is honest, loyal, funny, intelligent, sweet, and just incredible. I feel very blessed. I am finally at a place where everything is ok. School is stressful but going well, work isn’t too bad, I love rugby and my teammates and coaches, and I am with a truly amazing man who I may spend the rest of my life with.